Vinyl Drainage Pool Mats

Indoor / Outdoor: Vinyl Drainage Pool Mats are an excellent choice for pools, aisles, outdoor entrances, changing rooms, rest areas, assembly lines and such much for applications. They will for sure enhance the look of your pool and at the same time they will keep the area safe and dry. Vinyl Drainage Pool Mats also offer great cushion and protect your feet from heated floors. These rolls have an outstanding performance in humid areas. Mesh design will allow drainage.

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  • Standar Sizes

    StockSizeThicknessWeightQty. 1-9 rollsQty. 10-19 rollsQty. 20-29 rollsQty. 30-49 rollsQty. 50 or more
    Unbacked Vinyl Loop Roll
    1005013' x 60'3/8"118 lbs$801$580$563$551$534
    1005024' x 60'3/8"157 lbs$959$763$720$707$690
    Backed Vinyl Loop Roll
    1005033' x 30'3/8"110 lbs$628$386$369$357$339
    1005044' x 30'3/8"147 lbs$720$477$461$448$431

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