Waterhog Entrance Classic & Fashion Mats

Indoor / Outdoor: The Waterhog Classic & Fashion entrance floor mats combine durability with elegance look, they are made with the highest quality polypropylene fabric and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can choose from 2 types of borders: rubber or fabric. In addition, this waterhog entrance mat have an unique raised nubs design that can hold dirt and moisture very well. The waterhog entrance floor mat performs excellent in any point of entry where traffic is high. They are very resistant and can absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.

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  • Standard Sizes

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1Qty. 2 - 10Qty. 11 - 25Qty. 26 - 74Qty. 75+
    1013012′ x 3′5 lbs$67$62$57$52$47
    1013023′ X 4′9 lbs$102$97$92$87$82
    1013033′ x 5′12 lbs$117$112$107$102$97
    1013043′ x 8′17 lbs$193$188$183$178$173
    1013053′ x 10′21 lbs$201$196$191$186$181
    1013063′ x 20′44 lbs$421$416$411$406$401
    1013074′ x 6′18 lbs$169$164$159$154$149
    1013084′ x 8′23 lbs$240$235$230$225$220
    1013094′ x 10′29 lbs$262$257$252$247$242
    1013104′ x 20′59 lbs$547$542$537$532$527
    1013116′ x 8′35 lbs$345$340$335$330$325
    1013126′ x 20′87 lbs$787$782$777$772$767
  • Features & Benefits

    • Colors: choose from 18 beautiful colors
    • Mat Surface: Polypropylene Fabric
    • Mat Base: available in Smooth or Gripper Rubber backing
    • Edge: Black Classic Rubber Border or Fashion Fabric Border
    • Cleaning: vacuum, hose off or steam clean
    • UV resistant with non-skid quality, ensures safety from slips and falls
    • Camel w
      Camel w
    • Orange w
      Orange w
    • Yellow w
      Yellow w
    • Aquamarine w
      Aquamarine w
    • Bordeaux w
      Bordeaux w
    • Purple w
      Purple w
    • Charcoal w
      Charcoal w
    • Gold w
      Gold w
    • Solid Red w
      Solid Red w
    • Red Black w
      Red Black w
    • Navy w
      Navy w
    • Blue Stone w
      Blue Stone w
    • Dark Brown w
      Dark Brown w
    • Evergreen w
      Evergreen w
    • Light Green w
      Light Green w
    • Medium Blue w
      Medium Blue w
    • Medium Brown w
      Medium Brown w
    • Medium Gray w
      Medium Gray w