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  • $338.00

    Indoor: We are very proud of our Premium Inlay Logo Mats, this floor mats are manufactured using high standard quality materials. They are made with long-lasting, stain-resistant polypropylene fiber. The Premium Inlay Logo Mat are very functional and handmade mats that can showcase exact images. These mats are premium and will bring elegance to your...

  • $196.00

    Indoor / Outdoor: The Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat is one of our best logo mat products, its spaghetti straps unique design can scrape dirt from the bottom of shoes. This mat is handcrafted using an inlay technique and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes even in the most extreme weather conditions where moisture is high. The Vinyl Loop Inlay logo mat...

  • $202.00

    Indoor / Outdoor: Inlay Waterhog Logo Mats are the perfect choice, this stunning logo floor mat displays state-of-the-art logos while being very functional and elegant at the same time. You will get maximum results when using this floor mat. The Inlay Waterhog Logo Mat is the perfect solution for high traffic areas and can be used in and outdoors having a...

  • $115.00

    Indoor: Jet Print Mats with PVC Backing will help you make a long lasting impression for your business. The logos and images on this beautiful mat are printed using the highest quality dyes. Its base is made out of very tough PVC. This mat has a great value and we offer the lowest prices on the market. The Jet Print Logo Floor Mats with PVC Backing are...

  • $39.00

    Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: Specifically designed for people who are standing for long hours, with many applications, it can be used for personal use or for business where employees work on the feet, like in a front desk of a building, a shopping center or in a factory. Our Ecomat Pro anti-fatigue mat provides a great comfort, this can cause a huge positive...

  • $49.30

    Wet and Dry: The Premium Heavy Duty Commercial Restaurant Mat is the perfect solution to keep your kitchen safe and clean. This mat is great to be placed in restaurants and industrial kitchens, it has an anti-slip quality and an outstanding drainage system that will help to avoid accidents in the workplace caused by moisture, making this kitchen mat the...

  • $51.46

    Indoor / Outdoor: Use this mat to sanitize your shoes any time you enter an establishment, or someone else does. We create the best and more reliable solutions to sanitize shoe soles and to maintain good practices in any business place. Our sanitizing fabric mat is the best product to achieve the purpose of welcoming and cleaning since it is made with...

  • $14.60

    Indoor / Outdoor: Our sanitizing mats are designed to remove dirt particles and any type of contaminated elements found in the bottom of the shoes. Sanitizing mats are filled with sanitizing solution that retains contamination and germs from the bottom of the shoes. Sanitizing mats are made with maximum resistance to chemicals and acids. Features and...

  • $125.00

    Indoor: With the Sanitizing Footbath Tall Wall all you have to do is to step into the mat and bathe harmful germs and bacteria in a disinfectant solution. With the use of this mat you ensure the disabling and death of 99.99% of all virus and other patogens contained in the bottom of your shoes. The Tall Wall Mat keeps hygienic areas free of contamination...

  • $105.00

    Indoor: Sanitizing mats are filled with sanitizing solution that retains contamination and germs from the bottom of the shoes and disable them. That is a great solution to germs and viruses, and even without the sanitizing solution the mat scraps dirt off your shoes which makes it a great asset nowadays. Meet our family of sanitizing products, we know...

  • $79.00

    Indoor: Say good bye to contamination and germs because our Sanitizing Footbath Straps are great to retain patogens of your shoe soles and with a little help of a sanitizing solution all those polution will be dead in the blink of an eye. Maximum resistance to chemicals and acids is what ensures a great performance when filling this mat with sanitizing...

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