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  • $125

    Indoor: Jet Print Logo Floor Mats are one of the most popular logo mats, the surface is made out of Nylon and the base out of Rubber, this floor mat is ideal for any type of business. The Jet Print Logo Mat can display logos of business messages with high printing qualities from its exact computer driven Jet printers, creating beautiful images.

  • $130

    Indoor / Outdoor - The Wet Zone mat is ideal for wet areas such as: pools, sports clubs, schools pools, hotel pools, supermarkets, shopping centers, lockers, outdoor entrances, aisles, assembly lines, rest areas and any other humid areas.

  • $250

    Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: The Safety Sponge with Yellow Border is an ideal mat to be used in warehouses, factories and any general industries. This anti-fatigue floor mat is great to decrease slips and falls due to its corrugated surface design, making this mat a very safe product. The Safety Sponge with Yellow Border helps improve a secure work environment...

  • $35

    Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: The Safety Sponge anti-fatigue mat will improve the comfort of your workers while reducing fatigue, this mat is an excellent choice to have in your establishment for employees that have to stand for long periods of hours during the day. This great mats is made out of a cushioned vinyl sponge that helps with pains and fatigue in...

  • $45

    Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: This heavy-duty 5/8″ Safety Sponge anti-fatigue mat is ideal to be placed in areas such as: warehouses, factories, work areas and general industries. This mat will provide workers with safety due to its resistant 5/8” thick closed cell PVC sponge and corrugated surface. The 5/8″ Safety Sponge offers a remarkable protection system...

  • $350

    Dry Floor – Indoor: Diamond Safety Sponge anti-fatigue floor mats is a great product made out of sponge vinyl core with diamond tread patterns. This type of surface will provide comfort and safety to workers that have to be in a standing position for long hours in work spaces like: factories, warehouses, workstations and assembly lines. This anti-fatigue...

  • $720

    Dry/Wet Floor - Indoor/Outdoor: The Unimat Comfort Tile is a recycled and waterproof PVC 12” x 12” tile, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. These tiles are great to reduce fatigue due to its cushion surface design. They are also excellent to maintain floors and work areas dry because they allow drainage. Very easy to install, available...

  • $182

    Wet and Dry: Rubber Kitchen Mat Economy and Utility is the perfect floor mat for bars, prep areas, waitress pick up, food service areas, workstations and kitchens. One of its best qualities is being grease resistance having at the same time excellent drainage system. Call us now to order this great mat, it will keep your kitchen clean and safe. The Rubber...

  • $38

    Wet and Dry: The Premium Lite Commercial Restaurant Mat is the perfect solution to keep your kitchen safe and clean. This mat is great to be placed in restaurants and industrial kitchens, it has an anti-slip quality and an outstanding drainage system that will help to avoid accidents in the workplace caused by moisture, making this kitchen mat the ideal...

  • $179

    Wet and Dry: These interlocking blocks can attach to each other to create any custom size you need. Our Unimat Modular Heavy Duty Kitchen Mat is an excellent asset for industrial areas, kitchen, restaurants, hotel kitchens, bars, prep areas, behind counters or any other kitchen areas, this heavy duty kitchen floor mat is the perfect solution for your...

  • $1,073

    Wet and Dry: This great Reversible Safety Runner Kitchen Mat will keep your floors free of dirt and debris. This excellent kitchen mat can be placed in transition areas, walk-ins, prep areas and much more. This versatile floor mat has drainage quality and will maintain your kitchen floors clean while preventing slip and fall accidents. With this...

  • $192

    Wet and Dry: Our Kitchen Mat the Comfort Max - Red is one of the best grease proof anti-fatigue solutions. This Kitchen Mat is made with a high technology system, the new lightweight closed-cell nitrile rubber foam, which provides comfort and excellent performance. This floor mat will prevent mold due to its antimicrobial additive and also due to its...

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