Anti-Fatigue 5/8″ Safety Sponge Mats

Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: This heavy-duty 5/8″ Safety Sponge anti-fatigue mat is ideal to be placed in areas such as: warehouses, factories, work areas and general industries. This mat will provide workers with safety due to its resistant 5/8” thick closed cell PVC sponge and corrugated surface. The 5/8″ Safety Sponge offers a remarkable protection system for floors. This anti-fatigue floor mat allows the body muscles to move in micro-movements providing great comfort. Our customers are always 100% satisfied when using this excellent anti-fatigue mat.

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  • Standard Sizes – Beveled edges all sides

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1023012' x 3'9 lbs$45
    1023023' x 5'20 lbs$85

    Full Rolls – Beveled Edges length sides only

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1023032′ x 60′156 lbs$550
    1023043′ x 60′234 lbs$820
    1023054' x 60'312 lbs$1,200
    1023066' x 60'468 lbs$1,650

    Custom Size - Cut lengths (up to 60’) – Beveled edges length sides only

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1022082' wide1.3 lb/s.f.$9
    1022093' wide1.3 lb/s.f.$10
    1022104' wide1.3 lb/s.f.$11
    1022116' wide1.3 lb/s.f.$12
  • Features & Benefits

    • Material: Closed cell PVC sponge, wide rib corrugated surface
    • Thickness: 5/8” thick sponge vinyl core
    • Colors: Available only in Black color and in full rolls and cut lengths up to 60’
    • Cleaning: Easy to maintain, just hose, wipe, vacuum or sweep
    • Resists oil and grease