Anti-Fatigue Mats Diamond Safety Sponge

Dry Floor – Indoor: Diamond Safety Sponge anti-fatigue floor mats is a great product made out of sponge vinyl core with diamond tread patterns. This type of surface will provide comfort and safety to workers that have to be in a standing position for long hours in work spaces like: factories, warehouses, workstations and assembly lines. This anti-fatigue mat can resist oil and grease very well while also being able to absorb water.

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  • Full Rolls

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1024012' x 60'90 lbs$350
    1024023' x 60'135 lbs$550
    1024034' x 60'180 lbs$750

    Custom Size - Cut Lengths (up to 60")

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1024042' wide0.75 lb/s.f.$8
    1024053' wide0.75 lb/s.f.$8
    1024064' wide0.75 lb/s.f.$8
  • Features & Benefits

    • Material: Sponge vinyl core with diamond tread
    • Thickness: 3/8”
    • Colors: Black
    • Cleaning: hose, wipe, vacuum or sweep
    • Mat lays flat and stays in place increasing in-plant safety