Anti-Fatigue Safety Sponge Mats

Dry/Wet Floor – Indoor: The Safety Sponge anti-fatigue mat will improve the comfort of your workers while reducing fatigue, this mat is an excellent choice to have in your establishment for employees that have to stand for long periods of hours during the day. This great mats is made out of a cushioned vinyl sponge that helps with pains and fatigue in foot, leg and back. This anti-fatigue mat is ideal indoor purposes and it can be placed in banks, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels.

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  • Standard Sizes

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1022012' x 3'5 lbs$35
    1022022' x 5'9 lbs$45
    1022033' X 5'11 lbs$55

    Full Rolls

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1022042′ x 60′60 lbs$245
    1022053′ x 60′90 lbs$345
    1022064′ x 60′120 lbs$460
    1022076′ x 60′180 lbs$710

    Custom Size - Cut Lengths (up to 60')

    StockSizeWeightQty. 1
    1022082' wide0.52 lb/s.f.$5
    1022093' wide0.52 lb/s.f.$6
    1022104' wide0.52 lb/s.f.$7
    1022116' wide0.52 lb/s.f.$8
  • Features & Benefits

    • Material: Sponge vinyl core, corrugated surface, wide ribbed corrugation
    • Thickness: 3/8”
    • Colors: Black & Gray
    • Cleaning: hose, wipe, vacuum or sweep
    • Corrugated sponge vinyl surface traps dirt, oil and greases