Shoe Sanitizer Mats

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Shoe Sanitizer Mats are ideal for cleaning shoes, you can add the sanitizer product of your choice into the shoe treads thoroughly saturating them and the germs trapped in the shoes. This effectively diminishes the spread of germs by shoe to floor contact. Cleaning Sterilizing Door Mats are recommended for use in the mats to help avoid slipping when exiting with wet shoes, as well as the use of a drying mat to exit onto for wiping the shoes dry t

Antibacterial Saniting Mats

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Rubber Antimicrobial Antibacterial Sanitizer Sanitizing mat has hundreds of cleaning ribs that scrape the dirt from the footwear, but its sanitizing action does not end there since it can contain disinfectant solution at its base that will help to decontaminate the sole of the footwear and not only to remove dirt from it.
There are many creative ways to welcome people to homes by having a logo floor mat at the entrance of your home.
A logo floor mat can be an excellent investment for your business as it can help promote your company making your brand name more visible to clients.
The Vinyl Loop Logo Mat is a beautiful mat that is hand-crafted. The surface is made of many tiny vinyl loops and backed with a smooth rubber backing, and it comes with a beveled or flat edge.