Cable covers

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These heavy duty cable covers has large channels for the protection of a large number of wires. The hinged lid allows for top loading of cables for convenience. Made of polyurethane, the cable covers are suitable for use outdoors and indoors in most weather conditions.

Speed humps

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Our rubber speed humps are made to slow down traffic to 10-15 mph and are ideal for parks, school zones, hospitals, and retirement communities. Their modular units lock together, creating a uniform surface fit to the road’s width.

Cable Protectors

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We have 4 different models of cable protection caps that will suit your needs, whether you need to pass only 2 cables and wait only for cars and small vehicles, or require more or greater thickness of wagon in a place where the passage of heavy trucks is expected, all these options are contemplated within our variety of protective caps of cable.

Speed Bumps

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Speed Bumps & road safety. In the expansion of cities, population density and communications improvements, it is advisable to start with training on road safety and responsibility from a young age. Children are the drivers of tomorrow and their training in this field is of vital importance, that’s why speed bumps are great to help preventing drivers from speeding on the roads.
There are many creative ways to welcome people to homes by having a logo floor mat at the entrance of your home.
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